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At Canadian Vendex Financial Corporation, we are set up to deal directly with the needs of people in this fast changing financial world. This environment is full of opportunities - all it requires are knowledge, preparation and finesse.

When it comes to financial planning, you have two choices:

You get on the ship or it sails without you.

In the last 40 years several themes recur in our clients questions:

  • How do I get financial advice that is practical, timely, affordable, and proactive?
  • How can I be sure that my financial advisor understands my particular needs?
  • How can I be sure that my family, my business, and myself are all protected?

Assisted by my staff and associates, we can help position you to capitalize on these opportunities. We come with many years of business and financial planning expertise. You can feel safe and comfortable in bringing your enquiries and business to us. We handle products that are at the leading edge in design features and consumer accountability.

Excellence, Efficiency, Pro-Activity

Yours truly,
Ted H. Van den Bos

Canadian Vendex                          

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