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Vendex consists of quality employees and partners who wish to pursue a solid growth opportunity within our rapidly expanding company. We have an established history of stability, and we focus on building successful partnerships in the workplace. Strong emphasis is also placed on both professional and employee development.

Creating the tools you need to set your sights higher.

Canadian Vendex Financial Corp. offers a unique opportunity for certain independent marketers: strength, stability, flexibility, and commitment. Things not easy to come by these days. Are we right for you?

Here is a checklist of the things we have found common to those who have found success with Canadian Vendex Financial Corp.

The program and the principals are beyond reproach.

The buyer benefits by our activities and products.

We do best when our partners are focused.

Product design, features and differentiation are more important than price.

The consumer, distributor and company recognize that all parties must profit.

Canadian Vendex Financial Corp. works best with successful marketers who need our ability to customize quickly. Our Partners surplus is strong, but not unlimited; We pick our spots carefully.

Our partners are as proud of their financial statements as we are of ours. They are happy to share the numerical proof of their success

Professional marketers have a plan that outlines their goals and strategies.

We want a long-term and enduring relationship. That means both parties have to commit to the other's success.

If you're a pro who seeks to control the future and who has a proven record of success in a market niche…talk to Canadian Vendex Financial Corp..

As a member of the Canadian Vendex Financial Corp and its affiliates team, you will enjoy the following benefits:

bulletFriendly, supportive work situation
bulletCommissions and bonuses
bulletFormal industry training
bulletUnlimited growth potential

Successful candidates for all positions will possess exceptional organizational and communications skills and be able to work in a team-oriented environment. Sales or marketing experience is preferred. Bachelor's degree in business, marketing or related field is a plus.

If you are ready to join the company leading the way in industry innovation, select the underlined option below to submit your resume.

If you are interested in marketing opportunities you may also contact us by phone: (604) 929-2259

Vendex is not currently accepting applications for employment. Some positions that have been available are:

bullet Office Administrators

bullet Agent Representatives

Marketing partners have also been needed in the past for:


EBA Private Health Plan Sales

Join the Team that is: Making a Difference in People's Lives: Canadian Vendex Financial Corp.

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