I Wish to thank you, Ted, for all of your assistance after the tragic death of Eric. Words cannot express my gratitude for all you did for me.

From the time we took out the policies in 1994, when we were full of dreams, your advice was appreciated. I am so thankful that your professionalism and knowledge shared when I had to unfortunately make a claim. 

What was a horrible experience was made a lot easier with your guidance and compassion. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Again, Ted, words can never express my gratitude. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

                    Shelley Hughes
                    North Vancouver, BC

                    Client since 1994

"My wife and I are very happy in your dealings with Ted Van den Bos at Vendex Financial and we feel that he has our interest at heart. He took away many worries with his planning advice and we have confidence in his ability with our financial future. Our investments have been kept safe and conservative yet, grown substantially."

Gina and Jack Chine, Retired
Surrey, BC

Clients Since 1991

"Mr. Ted Van den Bos has structured our investments to suit our needs as well as to safely enhance returns. We rely on his experience and trustworthiness and appreciate the time he takes to listen to our concerns."

Fred and Jessie Jacklin, Retired
North Vancouver, BC

Clients Since 1996

When, as consumers, we are offered "services" we can only hope that we have chosen well in our agents. Ted Van den Bos has fulfilled all of the expectations possible for me in his roll as my insurance broker and financial advisor. Rarely do we find people who combine excellence with expertise; competence with compassion. Intertwine these traits with a vast knowledge base gathered over many years of experience in the financial industry and you have an unbeatable combination. I bear a debt of eternal thanks to Ted for his management of my affairs."

Dr. L.W. Halstrom, B.A., D.D.S., F.A.D.I.,
Chairman of the Board.
West Vancouver, BC

Client since 1984

"I learned about Ted Van den Bos and Vendex Financial in 1996 when I began to assist my parents with their estate planning. They had been clients of Mr. Van den Bos for about twenty years. I was sufficiently impressed with my parents' returns on investment, their high level of asset protection, and with the quality of service that they had been receiving that I began investing with Mr. Van den Bos myself. I particularly appreciate the prompt and thorough communication Vendex provides, and I have found Mr. Van den Bos extremely helpful in expediting any necessary business with financial institutions and accountants. I have recommended Mr. Van den Bos to other members of my extended family, and many of them have begun investing with him also."

Patricia Battistel nee Patterson
North Vancouver, BC

Client since 1996 Parents since 1981

"I feel fortunate that, 22 years ago when we came to Canada, my life insurance company transferred my file to you. You have been an excellent insurance advisor to us for all these years. I trust your advice which was always given after careful research and explained with great patience. It has served Eve and me very well. Your warmth and interest in our family showed me that you genuinely were interested in us all. Thank you for managing a very important aspect of our family life."

Dr. Les Leader, PhD,
Registered Psychologist
Vancouver, BC

Client since 1977

"When it was decided to implement a benefit plan for IPEC's employees, several different insurance companies were asked to provide options and submissions for discussions and review. We looked at several proposals in detail."

"Vendex provided the benefit plan that best suited the needs of our small equipment manufacturing business. Basically, it provided the scope we required to serve our young work force with significant cost savings to the company. Furthermore, we have been able to implement some of the financial and tax suggestions to the benefit of both the company and the individuals."

"Ted, we have been well served by you and Vendex over the past two and one-half years, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship in the future."

Albert R. Irwin, West Vancouver BC 
President, Ipec Consulting Ltd., Burnaby, BC

Client since 1997

"Mr. Van den Bos has consolidated our finances since 1980. We find him trustworthy, and most obliging at all times. We don't hesitate to call Ted when in need, he is always there for you."

Fred and Hedy Gadsby
Kelowna, BC

Clients since 1980

"Mr. Van den Bos has been handling my accounts over a number of years and I trust him implicitly, not only in the investment of my funds and supervision of my life insurance, but also in the distribution of the full amount of this part of my estate upon my decease."

Howard E.W. Hayden, CMA
P. Coquitlam, BC

Client Since 1976

We are pleased to write on behalf of Ted H. Van den Bos and Canadian Vendex Financial Corp.

We first met Ted in 1976 when he approached us for a benefits program for our employees. It became apparent that Ted has a special gift for building customer loyalty and we received many comments of appreciation from our people for his services.

Over the years Ted has maintained a proven record with our family and firm and spares no time or effort to look after our investment & insurance programs. The next generation of Kehoe's has also started to use Ted's services and we are confident that this will carry on into the future.

Canadian Vendex Financial Corp. has ably administered, under the guidance of Ted, those programs entrusted to it and we can highly recommend the services offered by Vendex and Ted Van den Bos.

Carol and Wayne Kehoe
Banff ,AB/ Vancouver, BC

Clients since 1976

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